RATs Tourniquet

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The RATS Tourniquet is the fastest and most affordable tourniquet on the market. Solid vulcanized rubber core with a nylon sheath, combined with a locking mechanism that creates high efficiency. Its versatility is unparalleled, working on all limb sizes, i.e. adults, dogs and children.

  • Made in the USA
  • Vulcanized Rubber Core
  • Controls bleeding
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Compact allowing you to store most anywhere
  • Simple design allows for one handed application
*At Rapid Medical, we understand that some will question the efficacy of the RATS tourniquet. It is a much different design than traditional windlass tourniquets, such as the CAT TQ. If you are skeptical, we encourage you to keep an open mind. Its rapid application, portability, compact design, and undeniable versatility make it a must-have. It truly is the most affordable and effective tourniquet on the market, but don’t just take our word for it.

A recent Cambridge Study, ‘The Efficacy of Novel Commercial Tourniquet Designs for Extremity Hemorrhage Control,’ determined that RATS and CAT success rates for distal arterial flow cessation were the same. Read the study in its entirety

Customer Reviews

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Ed Cam
RATs Tourniquet Never arrived

please send moneyback or send a new one

Denise Snow
Bought this tourniquet for its versatility in the backcountry

After seeing this tourniquet during a Wilderness First Aid course, I purchased one because it's lightweight, compact and can be used for other purposes than just a tourniquet.

Eric P
Good Product

Good TQ to have in the first aid kit. Rapid Medical provided a great experience and delivered as promised.

Junk... period

Try putting this TQ on your arm but when you do don't move the "injured" arm. It's next to impossible, for this TQ to work you have to be able to move the arm that's injured and guess what? As a FF/EMT I have seen many injuries that require a TQ and most of the time you can't move the arm that is injured much if at all. Even if you can move it you want to avoid doing so as much as possible because you could have broken bone bits in said arm that will cut and tear as your arm is moved. Next up sit down in a chair. Pretend your leg is pinned by the dash of your car thus you can not move it. You can't lift it off the chair. You are bleeding profusely from said leg as the dash has cut your leg open. Now try to apply the RAT to your thigh... it's again next to impossible. A CAT, SOF-T wide or RMT can be snaked under thigh and used to great effect. Due to the fact the rat needs to be stretched and wrapped multiple times it just won't work since you can't lift your leg off the seat. This is a common injury in car accidents. Thease are just two of many cases where the RAT can't do what other TQs can. There is a reason it did not got TCCC approved and why most emergency medicine instructor's say to avoid it myself included. (10 years volunteer fire/EMS, 5 years full time paid EMS, 3 years emergency medical instructor)

Brad P. US Army (Ret)
Faster than a CAT

I’ve trained with the CAT and the RATs tourniquet. I’ve also instructed the use of both and find the RATs Tourniquet easier to train with and apply. I’t also quicker to apply one handed. I carry both in my trauma bag, but I'll reach for the RATs first.

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